Assorted from new to old.






There Is No Plot (But What If We Desperately Go Looking For One?)


Lekker Fred In Het Land

Crooked 180


Some Kind of Jonko


Always Hardcore





Planet Fucktard

The Stock Gods of Yonder

Ten Notes from the Abyss


RPG Daydream

Party All The Time

Dangerous Truths in Internet Times

Halfway Home In The Danger Zone

Stock Footage From Hell



(Prod. Comp.: Joe Public / Client: One4All / Agency: Joe Public)

(Prod. Comp.: Alfred / Client: Praxis / Agency: Alfred)

(Prod. Comp.: DPLMT / Client: Primagaz)

Dranquilo 2.0
(Prod. Comp.: Grygierczyk & Boitelle / Client: Minsterie van VWS / Agency: Roorda)

Bavaria EK
(Prod. Comp.: Grygierczyk & Boitelle / Client: Bavaria / Agency: Fama Volat)

Cocio - Fairy Tasty
(Prod. Comp.: Fledge / Client: Cocio / Agency: Publicis)

Zwan Party Rolls
(Prod. Comp.: DPLMT / Client: Zwan / Agency: LDV United)

(Prod. Comp.: Grygierczyk & Boitelle / Client: Minsterie van VWS / Agency: Roorda)

(Prod. Comp.: Diplomat / Client: SDWorx / Agency: Mutant)

Royco (Home Edition)
(Prod. Comp.: Wenneker BE / Client: Royco / Agency: LDV United)

Big Americans #1
Big Americans #2
Big Americans #2
(Prod. Comp.: Grygierczyk & Boitelle / Client: Dr Oetker / Agency: Being There)

Lely - Bright Farming
(Prod. Comp. / Agency: Sunshine & Sausages / Client: Lely)

Chocolade Jacques - Keuken
(Prod. Comp.: Diplomat / Client: Chocolade Jacques / Agency: LDV United)

Chocolade Jacques - Kantoor
(Prod. Comp.: Diplomat / Client: Chocolade Jacques / Agency: LDV United)

Mizeria - Baptism
(Client: Mizeria)

Warming Up - Hamburger
(Prod. Comp.: New Amsterdam Film Company / Client: Warming Up)

(One Man Quarantaine Production / Client: Ome Omar)

Mizeria - Hotline
(One Man Quarantaine Production / Client: Mizeria)

Mizeria - Every Conversation About Ordering Food Ever
(One Man Quarantaine Production / Client: Mizeria)

(Prod. Comp.: G&B / Client: Danio / Agency: Fitzroy)

Tele2 - Gotu Jim
(Prod. Comp.: G&B / Client: Tele2 / Agency: Indie)

Ideal QR - Gitaar
(Prod. Comp.: G&B / Client: Ideal QR / Agency: Eigen Fabrikaat)

Ideal QR - Cupcake
(Prod. Comp.: G&B / Client: Ideal QR / Agency: Eigen Fabrikaat)

Hans Anders
(Prod. Comp.: G&B / Client: Hans Anders / Agency: N=5)

(Prod. Comp.: Wenneker BE / Client: Royco / Agency: LDV United)

Toto - Koning Sjaak
(Client: Toto / Agency: TBWA)
(Client: / Agency: Dept / Prod. Comp.: Made For Digital)

(Client: Batavus / Agency / Prod. Comp.: Alfred International)

Studieprepper 2.0
(Client: Ministerie van OCW / Agency: Roorda)

Fanta - The Lens (Trailer)
Fanta - The Lens (Full Film)
(Prod. Comp.: New Amsterdam Film Company / Client: Fanta / Agency: Isobar)

Keytrade - 20 Years
(Prod. Comp.: Adult / Agency: Federate / Client: Keytrade)

Allianz - A Very Short Film About My Dear Friend Matthijs Diederiks
(Client: Allianz / Agency: Virtue Nordic)

Toto - Koning Donnie
(Client: Toto / Agency: TBWA)

Dommelsch - Pilsjasje
(Prod. Comp.: Wolfstreet / Agency: Tosti Creative / Client: Dommelsch)

Wakker Dier - KFP
(Prod. Comp.: New Amsterdam Film Company / Client: Wakker Dier)

SNS - 20 Euro Cash
(Client: SNS / Agency: Alfred)

Toto - Koning Toto
(Client: Toto / Agency: TBWA)

Iens TVC #1
Iens TVC #2
(Client: Iens / Agency: XXS)

Studieprepper (1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
(Client: Ministerie van OCW / Agency: Roorda)

Tele 2 - Super Super Super Selfie
(Client: Tele 2 / Agency: Indie)

Tiësto - Clublife Vol. 5 China (Trailer) (Director’s Cut)
(Client: Tiësto)

Doritos Heatwave Trials
(Client: Doritos / Agency: Fitzroy)

(Client: Overheid / Agency: Roorda)

Bunq TVC
(Prod. Comp: New Ams / Client: Bunq)

ABN Amro - Mobiel Bankieren
(Prod. Comp: WeFilm / Client: ABN Amro / Agency: Code D'Azur)

Anderzorg TVC
(Prod. Comp: New Ams / Client: Anderzorg / Agency: XXS)

Rabobank Elevator Pitch
(Prod. Comp: Wenneker / Client: Rabobank / Agency: QIOnly)

Sanoma Bladcadeau TVC #1
Sanoma Bladcadeau TVC #2
(Client: Sanoma Bladcadeau / Agency: XXS)

Doritos VR Battle
(Client: Doritos / Agency: Fitzroy)

ING – The Copy Paste Pop Up Store
(Client: ING / Agency: Buutvrij)

Doritos Drone Race
(Client: Doritos / Agency: Fitzroy)

.Amsterdam TVC’s
(Client: .Amsterdam / Agency: Buutvrij)

Doritos #Playbold
(Client: Doritos / Agency: Fitzroy)

Xite: MyXite TVC
(Client: Xite)

FunX: De Dixte 1000 TVC
(Client: FunX / Agency: Achtung!)

NIX – De Afspraak van NIX
(Client: Nix / Agency: Roorda)

Doritos Bits TVC
(Client: Doritos / Agency: Fitzroy)

Doritos Jacked
(Client: Doritos / Agency Fitzroy)

Walibi Hard Gaan met Ronnie Flex & Lil Kleine (1 & 2)
(Client: Walibi / Vice)

Kids Rights
(Client: Kids Rights / Agency: Top Notch)

De 5 van de Jaren 90
(Client: Studio Brussel / Agency: Mortierbrigade Brussel)

Mr Polska’s Wildernis
(Client: Nouveau Riche)

Appelsap 2012 First Person Recap
(Client: Appelsap)

Jagermusic Trailer
(Client: Jagermeister / Agency: Blueprint Media)

One Sentence Serenade with Faberyayo
(Client: Domino’s / Agency: Indie)

De Man achter de Man
(Client: Noah’s Ark)

Het Korte Filmpje
(Client: Noah’s Ark)

Samsung S2theTest Series (1, 2 & 3)
(Client: Samsung / Agency: Square Melon)

Inholland Meesterwerk Series
(Client: Inholland / Agency: Red Urban)

Unibet TVC
(Client: Unibet / Agency: Square Melon)

Meltin’ Pot – The Night We Said Goodbye
(Client: Meltin’ Pot / Agency: ..staat)

Appelsap X
(Client: Appelsap)

U-Ro - Scratch That Thing
(Client: Staatsloterij Belgie / Agency: Mortierbrigade Brussel)

De Gluurbuur Zwerfafval commercials
(Client: Gemeente Venlo / Agency: Studio Denk)



Doevoe - Vliegende Rat

Donnie & Chantal Janzen - Schultenbräu

Donnie & René Froger - Dat Kan Je Niet Kopen

Temple Fang - The Bridge

Hang Youth - De Dood van een Arbeidsimmigrant

Intercity 106 - What It Takes

Abel - Bank Beroven

Bevel Ikon Lite - 001_123

Bevel Ikon Lite - 002_248

Hang Youth - Ik Beleef Geen Lol Aan Sport

Bevel Ikon Lite - Membrane-Pink Shirazi Roses

Hang Youth - Het Kan Me Niet Links Genoeg

Bevel Ikon Lite - The Magical Cohabitation in the Furrow

Hang Youth - Jullie Hebben 24 Uur

Yellow Claw, Juyen Sebulba, Sikh & Ramengvrl - Bassgod

Hang Youth - Bill Gates Is Een Nerd

Abel - Stang

djb - Manoeuvre

Joe Stone - Bug A Boo

Boef - Draai Het Om

San Holo feat. Taska Black - Right Here, Right Now

Ome Omar - Jamanbroer

Ome Omar - Bledder

Sander van Doorn x Fred Pellichero - The Snake

Death Alley - Black Magick Boogieland

Frits Wentink - Theme for Crooked 180

Hef – Wat Doe Je

Gers Pardoel feat. Willem – Dans Met Mij

Boaz van de Beatz feat. Kalibwoy – Warrior

Kraantje Pappie – Feesttent

Jebroer feat. Skinto, Ronnie Flex & Polska – Hoesten als Bejaarden

Ronnie Flex – In Een Jet

Afrojack feat. Chris Brown – As Your Friend

Polski, Digitzz & JeBroer - Uitmeplaat

Polski - Gustav

SLBMG - Brandend Sneeuw

RBDjan - Dan Weet Je Het Nu

Rigby - Fire

Partysquad & Alvaro - Lucky Star

Steph, Polski, JeBroer, Leo & Digitz - Zo Heet

Lucky Fonz III - Ik Heb Een Meisje

Hef - Overal

Partysquad vs. Afrojack – Amsterdamn

Onder & FS Green - Ik Ken Hem

Dio feat. Jayh, Adonis, Kleine Viezerik & Kempi - Cool (Remix)

Kraantje Pappie feat. Jiggy Dje - Punt

Polski - Kapoole Mashien

De Grote Vinnie, Donnie & Sjakie Show - Wo Domm Er Du!?

Dio feat. Jayh - Cool

Jiggy Dje feat. Pete Philly - Ik Heb Je

Dio & The Madd - Baby

Jayh feat. Willie Wartaal - Delilah

Flinke Namen - Als Zij Langs Loopt

Kempi feat. Willy - Hier Ver Vandaan

Quintino - Rap Das Armas (Remix)

Zwart Licht - Vanaf Nu

Kleine Jay & Cartes - Les van de Beste / Hoe dan ook

The Opposites - Sjonnie & Anita

Jeugd van Tegenwoordig – Applaus

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Datvindjeleukhe

Spacekees feat. Jiggy Dje - Pe Pe



Woonprotest Amsterdam 2021


Echte Vrienden
(Client: Viceland)

Its A Wrap (Opslaan Als 2007-2017)
(Client: Opslaan Als)

The Road to Rabat
(Client: Habbekrats)

The Making of New Kids Nitro
(Client: Eyeworks)

The States of Exit
(Agency: Blueprint Media)

Vodafone Firestarters (22 Tracks + Singularity University)
(Client: Vodafone / Agency: Blueprint Media)



(Burning Fiktie / 2021)

Paarden voor Iedereen
(with Abel van Gijlswijk / Burning Fiktie / 2020)



There Is No Plot
(Film still zine / 100 pages)

(Photo zine / 72 pages / Hang Youth tour life)

10 Years of Leica Mini 2
(Photo zine / 136 pages / A decade of analogue photography)

(Vette & Minder Vette) Voertuigen
(Photo zine / 66 pages / Vehicles only)

New Rabat Kids
(Photo zine / 36 pages / BTS photos of 'Rabat' and 'New Kids Nitro')

Where The Wild Things Rarely Are
(Photo zine / 44 pages / Animals only)

All Of This Meant Something Once
(Graphic zine / 36 pages / 7 years of screenshots)

What Does It All Mean? (Case Studies in Betekenisloze Abstractie)
(Graphic zine / 96 pages / 96 drawings)

Back With A Vengeance
(Photo zine / 36 pages / Metal backs at Fortarock 2015)

Daitabashi Fried Chicken Fever Dream
(Photo zine / 28 pages / Tokyo madness)

No Shots Fired, All Shots Missed (There Will Be Fun)
(Comic / 64 pages / 64 one-page comics)